Building Your Truffle Plan

Know your truffles – At Toska Truffles, we only source the best quality truffles from all around the world. We follow the National Truffle Calendar which follows European and Australian Truffles seasons. As truffles are seasonal, we offer a variety of different truffles throughout the year. This assures that you will only receive the best quality fresh truffles found in the market place at the specific time of the year.

Quantity Needed – Figuring out the quantity needed for your next dining experience will assure the best dining experience for your next menu or an occasion. Through proper planning and ongoing truffle education, our goal is to help make your next menu or planned event as flawless as possible. Your dedicated Toska Truffles team member can help you determine the right amount of fresh truffles needed and answer any additional questions you may have. Your personal truffle plan can be quickly scaled to meet changing requirements while offering you the highest quality fresh truffles and truffle products available in the market.

Planning Your Menu – Planning your menu with your kitchen team and front of the house staff is an important step to assuring a successful truffles experience for your guests. Your dedicated Toska Truffles representative can offer training and ongoing support for both the FOH and BOH staff so that each contributing party understands how truffles are used and can be best marketed to your customers.

Have your Plan B Ready – Your fresh Toska Truffles products ripen naturally like any other fresh produce. As your truffles life-cycle continues, they become better suited for specific flavor applications. A whole truffle used for fresh shavings early in the life cycle easily converts to infusions for truffle butter as the truffles ages and becomes softer. Toska Truffles’ ongoing support team includes suggestions on how to build a truffle plan that maximizes the use of every purchased ounce. Speak with your personal Toska Truffle representative and start building your truffle plan today!


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