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Flavoring Food With Truffles

Fresh truffles add wonderful flavor to food when sliced or grated on top of your favorite dish or by imparting their essence when storing them with other food. Truffles ripen similar to other fresh produce as they continue their life-cycle, shrinking in size as they lose moisture and their pungent aroma over time. While properly caring for fresh truffles can increase the life of your truffle, you can maximize the use of fresh truffles by flavoring other food with its aroma.

Different foods readily absorb truffle aroma but can also decrease a fresh truffle’s life-cycle as it absorbs its aroma and moisture as well. These storage methods should only be used when you specifically want to flavor other food with truffle aroma.

Infusing Fresh Truffle Flavor

Infusing Fresh Truffle Flavor

storing truffles in rice

Storing Truffles with Rice

A fresh truffle placed in a container with Arborio or Carnaroli rice is the perfect way to add extra flavor to a risotto dish. The truffle’s aroma will permeate the rice and allow its unique taste to come through once cooked. Using your fresh truffles for this experience should be a decision based on other uses you are considering for the same tuber. Rice is known to leech the moisture and flavor from fresh truffles and in turn shortening its life cycle.

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Storing Truffles with Eggs

A raw egg’s shell is permeable to other flavors and a perfect medium to share fresh truffle aroma with. Fresh truffles stored with eggs for a couple of days adds their aroma to each yolk that can enjoyed through your favorite preparation. Storing truffles with eggs also helps keep air circulating around your tubers while keeping extra moisture to a minimum.

truffles in oil

Storing Truffles with Oil

Light olive oil, sunflower, or grapeseed oil can be used to make your own truffle oil at home. Fresh truffles slowly impart their flavor on the oil, providing you real truffle flavor versus the imitation flavor offered through most retail stores. A stronger tasting oil can be created by heating the oil and adding fresh truffle shavings to increase the surface area exposed to your oil.

Continue Learning

Continue Learning

Caring For Fresh Truffles

A fresh truffle’s “aroma” is what you experience when savoring the flavor of this tuber. Improperly storing your truffles in the wrong medium can rob this aroma from the truffle while increasing the dehydration process of your fresh product. Learn how to care for and properly store your fresh truffles to maximize their life-cycle.

Build Your Truffle Plan

Toska Truffles is the market leader in providing high-quality fresh truffles at a price-point that makes experimentation affordable. Whether you are a seasoned truffle expert or have never used this tasty tuber, your personal truffle professional can help with building a truffle plan that fits your needs.