About Toska Truffles

Toska Truffles was founded in 2010 on the premise of providing a better way to enjoy fresh truffles. We have been dedicated from the beginning to providing the highest quality truffles to the tables of some of the finest restaurants and households in America. Our goal is to provide high availability and continuing education to our customers to enhance their enjoyment of these delicacies.

Toska Truffles was founded by Alex Toska, a native European, whose passion is entrepreneurship and customer service. Alex graduated with a double degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of North Carolina, and has been expressing his passion ever since. Alex’s focus with Toska Truffles has remained the same: offer high quality products at a price that makes sense. Today, Toska Truffles serves some of the finest establishments in SouthEast and across the country.

Office Locations

North America

3527 Woodleaf Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28205
United States
(704) 495-4362

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